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argento colloidale boccetta liquido
argento colloidale boccetta liquido

Colloidal Silver - 60 ml 16 PPM

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Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic with many properties.
Able to cure fungal infections and viruses, it is a remedy that comes straight from the past, but has recently been rediscovered.

It has been used throughout history as a natural antibiotic because there were still no chemical antibiotics that we know. This natural solution not only eliminates viruses and bacteria, but also fungi of any kind, then it can neutralize the effect of any unicelulare be without any influence on the enzymes in our body.

Here's the video, made with the microscope in real time (not accelerated) how colloidal silver acts when in contact with bacteria. Coming to the 0.21s of the video, the bacterium plays particles and agglomerates 3 (white granules left) attracted to its load. At the end you can see how he dies, there is no other element capable of doing the same effect.

The antibiotic properties of this natural product is perfect to eliminate viruses, fungi and bacteria harmless way because it derives from pure silver without any chemical treatment. It is effective against inflammations and infections lad, ayundando natural regeneration of cells. Also, if taken daily it helps strengthen the immune system. It can also be used for children, because it has no taste, no smell. Also cure intestinal infections, warts, burns and bronchitis :

  • Helps the respiratory system : cura la gripe, pero también resfrío, tos y pleuritis. Es eficaz contra las alergias.
  • Friend intimate areas : effective against vaginitis, cystitis, inflammation of the prostate and Candida.
  • Ally for healthy skin : It helps healing the ruined skin due to acne, eczema, warts and herpes. It is also effective against rashes and burns. You can drill reading "Colloidal Silver: The skin-friendly properties".
  • Helps the stomach : It helps in treating ulcers and gastritis, it is effective in cases of food poisoning.
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